11.10.11 Meeting Minutes

Posted on November 10 2011

Early Childhood SIG 

**DRAFT**  Meeting Minutes

Members present: Patrice Hallock, Kim Floyd, Joanne Vesay, Barbara Wert, Ann Mickelson

I. Welcome
a. Introductions and attendance   Attendees introduced selves.  Cathy Karamidas (Co-Chair) would be present, but she was representing our SIG at the First Attendees meeting.

II. Approve minutes from April 2011  All approved

III. Update / Board report  (Patrice)
a. thank you to Joanne for submitting joint presentation proposal—to be presented at 3:00 on Friday  in Bickler
b. report from TED meeting  (1) We have the “blessing” of TED to use “TeDeC” informally in our communications to distinguish us from the Early Career SIG; (2) TEDLines is due to Karen Voytecki by December 15.

IV. Communication (Kim)
a. link on TED website  What would we like to see on the TED website?  Ideas: meeting minutes, liaison report, membership.  We need to talk with Karen Voytecki about this.  
b. TEDLines  Due Dec 15 (above)
c. Listserve/group: new Google group  Patrice set up a new group: tedec-sig@googlegroups.com.  Open membership; all members can post.  This will be a way to share information between TED and CEC as well as get out minutes and agendas before a meeting.  We need to invite past attendees and interested students.

V. DEC liaison report (Joanne)
a.  with input from Kim & Cathy (both planned to attend DEC in fall)
[Need input here from others….my notes are a bit sketchy]  Sarah Montana, Director for DEC

VI. Election of Officers
Certificates of Recognition presented to Cathy Keramidas (Co-Chair), Kim Floyd (Secretary) and Joanne Vesay (DEC Liaison).  Thank you for your service!

a. Terms of office: Officers shall be elected for one year, beginning on January 1.  Each officer will serve for one year and can serve consecutive terms.  Nov 2010 minutes document the decision that the first slate of officers would remain for 2 years during the building of the SIG.  Do we want to stagger terms next year? We need to think about this and discuss in April for the fall 2012 elections at TED.

b.  Ann Mickelson volunteered to be a Student Rep to build interest and membership among doc students.  Motion made/seconded to add the Student Rep position as an ad hoc position for now; we can change the constitution in April to include the Student Rep position.  Thank you, Ann!

VII. Questions / discussion / next steps

a.  attendance at CEC in Denver  Who will attend?  Patrice & Kim plan on attending.

VIII. Adjourn

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 am.

Respectfully submitted, 

Patrice Hallock
(for Kim Floyd)

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