4.13.12 Meeting Minutes

Posted on April 13 2012

Early Childhood SIG 

Meeting Minutes

Members present: Patrice Hallock, Barbara Wert, Peggy Gallagher, Cheryl Sjostrom, Ann Mickelson (via Adobe Connect)

Meeting called to order by Patrice Hallock at 8:00 am; moved to hotel lobby for wireless connection to access Adobe Connect

I. Welcome
a. Introductions and attendancewelcome Cheryl Sjostrom, Brandman University, Ontario, CA

II. Approve minutes from Nov 2011   Motion from Peggy Gallagher to approve the minutes as drafted; seconded by Barbara Wert.  All approved.             

III. Update / Board report  (Patrice)
a. report from TED meeting 

      • We can have our information on the TED website updated simply by emailing revised information to Karen Voytecki.  We should include address for our Google groups.  Patrice will follow through on this.
      • TEDLines due May 11 to Karen Voytecki—Peggy suggested we use our information in TEDLines to bring attention to current EC literature such as JEI and Topics in ECSE
      • TeDeC information with a description and Google Groups address was placed on the TED table in the Exhibit Hall.  Also, information was provided to DEC exhibit table.  
      • Suggest that we use the proposed “TED Member Services Request for Funds” to pay for printing cards or “take aways” for placement on future exhibit tables and to invite potential members.  Barbara suggested we propose the development of a packet of EC literature and perhaps do a joint web-conference with DEC members—she will look into this further.
      • Do we want to submit a conference proposal as a group?  Peggy said she will find out if authors of the current articles in Topics in ECSE plan to submit a proposal.  Patrice will put out a message to the membership to generate ideas.

IV. DEC liaison report (Joanne)  No report.  The group discussed that we should use CEC to connect with DEC—we could be sure that a member of our group attends the DEC reception, the DEC Board Meeting, and the DEC exhibit table while at CEC.  We need to plan ahead for CEC next year.

V. Student Rep report (Ann)  Report via Adobe Connect.  Ann has had success building membership for another group through Facebook and asked if we would be interested in having her make us a Facebook page.  (All said, Yes!)  Also, Ann suggested that she connect with the students in charge of TED Kaleidoscope to support student interest there.

VI. Old Business

a. Amend Constitution to add Student Representative  Motion from Barbara 
Wert, seconded by Cheryl Sjostrom, to amend Constitution to add the Student 
Representative position.  Patrice will post the revised Constitution via Google 
Groups, and no comment/suggestions by the membership before May 1st will be considered a vote of acceptance of the new Constitution.

b.  Terms of office (how to stagger terms)   Patrice reported that she talked with Carol Long of the Paraeducator SIG about how their SIG conducts elections.  Carol explained that the Paraeducator SIG does not have formal elections because all of the offices are served voluntarily—not elected (which is also stated in the Early Childhood SIG constitution).  They decide by consensus on a year-to-year basis who will voluntarily serve in the positions.   

c.  Slate of Officers for Nov election  Based on the above information, the EC SIG members decided to keep the current slate of officers from year-to-year, if members desire to continue, until someone else expresses an interest in volunteering for any office.

VII. New Business

a. Communicationuse of Google Groups and Adobe Connect  Members discussed the use of both tech tools for communication.  Google seems to work for the dissemination of SIG information.  Adobe Connect will only work if we have a wireless Internet connection in our meeting room—something to think about next time.
b. Membership – ad hoc “membership” representative  Should we consider adding a “membership” representative or have that assumed by the Student Representative?  For now, the student rep seems to generate the most membership interest. 

VIII. Adjourn  Motion by Barbara Wert, seconded by Cheryl Sjostrom—meeting adjourned 9:00 am.  

Respectfully submitted,

Patrice W. Hallock

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