4.26.2011 Meeting Minutes

Posted on April 26 2011

Early Childhood SIG
April 26, 2011
Meeting Minutes

Members Present:
Kim Floyd, Joanne Vesay, Patrice Hallock, Barbara Wert

I. Motion to approve the Minutes from November meeting was made by Dr. Vesay and was seconded by Barbara . All approved; there was no discussion.

II. Dr. Hallock discussed the TED Board meeting in which she represented the SIG. Several points were discussed relating to our SIG:

a. TED Board was receptive to there being an EC strand at the TED conferences. Having a strand could not occur for the 2012 conference proposals, but could be an option for the following years.

b. TED Board stated that the acronym (EC) for the SIG was already in use through the Early Career SIG. Discussion followed and Dr. Vesay suggested TeDeC which would demonstrate or liaison and connection with both TED and DEC. She would also work on a potential logo for the group that would be sent to the members with the minutes from the meeting. Barbara made a motion to accept this new acronym and Dr. Floyd seconded. There was no discussion.

c. Dr. Hallock cannot attend the TED General Business meeting, so Dr. Floyd will represent the SIG and present the discussion from today’s meeting.

III. Communication

a. Dr. Floyd will discuss with Karen Voytecki ways information from our SIG that can be linked to the TED website. Items discussed to be added were Meeting Minutes, Constitution, link to Google Group or contact list

b. TEDLines – Dr. Floyd will send out message about our SIG and invitation to join to Dr. Voytecki to be included in the next publication

c. Listserve – members present discussed the pros and cons of creating a listserv and those present felt that creating a google group would be easier to create and manage. This google group would be utilized to share information, getting know other members, posting of job announcements, celebrations (promotion/tenure/accepted manuscripts, etc), and collaborative research ideas 

IV. Dr. Vesay has already been in contact with DEC president via e-mail. She will continue to pursue a stronger connection with DEC. She will investigate the best way to collaborate with DEC leadership and membership. Dr. Vesay pointed out thaqt low numbers at CEC may be due to members having to choose between attending TED, DEC, or CEC conferences.

V. Membership

a. The group has been asked to submit information to TED Lines. This was seen as a good idea to increase visibility of the SIG and to hopefully recruit new members. Dr. Floyd will submit information to TED Lines by May 15th.

b. Dr. Vesay will ask DEC president if it would be possible to send information to DEC members about the SIG. Reminder was made that in order to be a member of the SIG, there is required membership to TED.

c. Dr. Floyd will create a Google Group.

d. There was a suggestion to also include Kaleidoscope in our information sharing in order to encourage doctoral student participation in the SIG.

e. There was discussion about submitting a joint proposal for a standing symposium or Roundtable for the upcoming TED conference. Dr. Vesay stated that a Roundtable might be a good starting point for the group and would begin the proposal for the group. Topics may include assistive technology and universal design for learning, poverty and infant well-being, Reggio, and early childhood and teacher preparation. 

VI. Recognition of Service certificates will be created by Dr. Hallock for Executive Board members.

VII. Motion to adjourn meeting was made by Barbara and seconded by Dr. Floyd. The motion was passed unanimously.